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Christian Worldview Thinking

May 31, 2016

Ryan Dobson shares the story of his recent decision to leave Family Talk, where he co-hosted with his father Dr. James Dobson, to spend more time with his family and pursue new ministry opportunities. Ryan and Aaron talk through the decision making process, and explore what Ryan has learned through his season...

May 25, 2016

Eric Smith shares practical advice for biblical decision making, explaining a process Christians can use to make major life decisions, like which college to attend, who to marry, and which career to pursue.

Eric Smith serves as Summit's Vice President of Programs. He launched and led Summit Semester from 2006 to...

May 18, 2016

Jason Jimenez shares insights from his 15+ years of ministry experience, explaining the changes and shifts that he’s seen in youth ministry and ways that ministers, both young and old, can fight burnout and stay true.

Jason Jimenez is a pastor, apologist, and nation speaker who has ministered to families for over...

May 10, 2016

J. Warner Wallace defines and explains the difference between objective and subjective truth.

J. Warner Wallace is both a cold-case detective and a Christian apologist. He's a Summit faculty member and the author of several books, including God's Crime Scene and Cold-Case Christianity. For more information, visit

May 3, 2016

Should Christians engage with culture? If so, how? John Stonestreet tackles those questions in this lecture recorded last summer at Summit's California student conference.

John Stonestreet is Summit faculty member and President of The Chuck Colson Center. He hosts The Point, a daily radio spotlight, and a co-host of...