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Christian Worldview Thinking

Aug 27, 2015

Scott Klusendorf and Aaron Atwood talk about the recent, horrific Planned Parenthood undercover videos. Scott prepares Christians to start and navigate conversations about the sting videos and shares why this is a truly incredible time for the pro-life movement.

Scott Klusendorf is one of the world's foremost pro-life...

Aug 20, 2015

Christopher Yuan shares his testimony, highlighting the necessity of the gospel for genuine change. Building on that perspective, Christopher also offers guidance to Christians seeking to respond well to the LGBT community.

Christopher Yuan is a Summit faculty member and an international speaker, sharing his incredible...

Aug 14, 2015

In this lecture, Christopher Yuan explains the Biblical position on homosexuality and refutes point-by-point the claims of Matthew Vines and others who argue that the Bible allows or affirms gay relationships.

Christopher Yuan is a Summit faculty member and an international speaker, sharing his incredible testimony and...

Aug 6, 2015

Casey Luskin explains intelligent design, sharing evidence for design and responding to evolutionary claims and counter-arguments.

Casey Luskin speaks on intelligent design around the nation, and serves as the Research Coordinator for The Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture. For more information, see 

Aug 4, 2015

Dr. Mike Adams responds to the film God's Not Dead by sharing how Christian students can avoid pitfalls in the classroom when faced with antagonistic professors.

Dr. Mike Adams is a professor of sociology at UNC-Wilmington and has been a faculty member Summit's Summer Student Conferences since 2008. He's the author...